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    by GAT ROOMS | Legal warning
  • Healthy

    A touch of local culture has sneaked in Gat Rossio to let the city go with you every minute. We are loyal to every Gat City. We buy local products and work with local professionals who bring their own vision in everything we do

    Free Wi-Fi

    Use free Wi-Fi connection to post your comments and pictures any time you want, check your mail or surf the net. And do it dancing your favourite tune, through the ipod station in your room

    Things to do

    We know you are a culture-eater, and try to feed you with only the best. Our well-trained staff, is always ready to give you a tip about the coolest places to go such as new galleries, restaurants or cultural events

    Room Room

    Room Room has been designed as a flexible area, which adapts itself to every customer. You can have cocktails, snacks and sandwiches at any given time. We will even adapt our common areas to host corporate events

    Smile & share

    You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make friends in Gat Rossio! Enjoy in our Terraces as you want, share your discoveries, have breakfast or chat with your friends after a long day discovering the city. Do not hesitate to ask or interrupt a conversation... Cats are social and love company most of the time