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    • History

      If you are after historic places, then Lisbon should be your city of choice. The city has lived through many events such as colossal empires, plagues, epidemics, fires, revolutions, coup d'État, dictatorships … quite a bit! On the 1st November 1755, Lisbon was victim to 3 earthquakes, 1 fire and 1 tsunami. The city was left devastated and almost completely destroyed. It’s urban intervention by the "Marques do Pombal" was the direct responsible of today’s appearance and reorganization of the new Lisbon. Gat Rossio is one of the fantastic constructions that this visionary plan left behind, the famous Pombal architucture. A building that seemed to be tailor- made for us, almost seemed it had been waiting for us! Same philosophy, 2 centuries apart…how lucky is that?!

    • Gat experience

      Gat Rossio stands for friendship. Designed from start to finish to achieve out of your stay something beyond enjoyable. Be curious, be playfull, be green, be friendly, be loyal and be smart. Just like a cat! We will always be loyal to our cat spirit, ensuring that our offer provides a cosy, city center, consciuos valued and affordable cushion. We don’t have convencionalisms nor formalisms in our dictionary, we are just friends of friends of friends.

    • Design

      Thanks to the innovative and contemporary vision of the architectural studio Boopba, Gat Rossio can offer you 71 rooms tastefully designed to make out of your stay the most pleasant experience possible. No matter in what type of room you are, if you come alone or with someone, all rooms are equiped with the highest quality beds to ensure your rest. The minimalist decor will make all the troubles fade away, there’s no room for problems!

    • Location

      Gat Rossio is located, right in the city center of Lisbon, in Ruado Jardim Street in the “Barrio de la Baixa” area. Is is up to you where you decide to go from here: Chiado, Barrio Alto, Alfama ore ven getting on Santa Justa’s lift (designed by Tower Eiffel desinger Auguste Eiffel)! Another option would be travelling in the lovely tram, hiking one of the hills that surround the city, admiring the Atlantic Ocean from the mouth of the Tajo river, eating cod, listening to fados, dancing in the Fragil, stroll around the “thief’s market”… the list is long, we could go on forever!

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